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Mumbai Toastie

Main, Vegetarian | February 24, 2017 | By

Aren’t grilled cheese sandwiches just the best?! An indulgence, a life-saver, and comfort food all at the same time. When you are hungry and don’t know what to make (or don’t feel like really cooking) the grilled cheese sandwich always comes to the rescue.


Cardamom Banana Cake with Bourbon Caramel Glaze

Baking, Dessert | February 21, 2017 | By

It’s that time again.  Bananas are turning.  And while I could add them to the bag of frozen bananas in the freezer, I decided that these ones would get used right away.  It was a gorgeous, sunny, above normal temperature day here in Toronto yesterday.  I had the door open to the balcony, to let the fresh air come through the screen door to keep me company in the kitchen.  And it just seemed that part of my morning deserved to be spent baking.  So I baked up this cake.


Salted Bourbon Caramel Sauce

Dessert | February 20, 2017 | By

Okay, this is just a post about a fabulous recipe.  I mean, it’s one of those recipes that once you’ve made it, you will want to make it weekly, ‘cuz you will use it on everything.  Except maybe fish.  Or broccoli. 


Harissa Shrimp and Cauliflower ‘Grits’

Main | February 17, 2017 | By

One of our favourite road trips was a lovely meandering time from Charleston to Hilton Head to Savannah a few years back.  Oh what a glorious corner of the world!  Such old world charm, magical architecture of pastels and filigreed wrought iron, moody spanish moss dripping from the trees, cobble stoned lanes, and salt water kissed and weathered homes and buildings.  Truly a faded glory meets a candy store.  The people are gracious, friendly and laid back.  And the food!  Low Country cuisine is absolutely one of my favourites.


Alsatian Flammekueche

German Cuisine, Main | February 15, 2017 | By

Yes, pizza belongs to Italians.  They do a pretty good job of it (hehe!) Every corner of Italy contends that their pizza is the best.  And there are some pretty stellar rivalries.  Roman vs Neopolitan? Thick and chewy vs thin and crispy?  And when we move the contest over here to North America, it get’s even dicier.  NY vs Chicago? Thin and chewy vs a thick pie?  Every neighbourhood has it’s classic pizza that its lovers will defend to the death.

So to help break the tie and settle so many long fought battles, I present Flammekueche.  That’s right, German pizza.  


Broccoli and Feta Soup with White Beans and Parsley

Soup, Vegetarian | February 9, 2017 | By

What’s your favourite colour?  Maroon? Magenta? Ochre? Mauve? Vermillion? Azure? Puce?

Mine has always been chartreuse.  That acidy green that sometimes looks olive, sometimes has a lemon-y hint to it.  It’s not pea-green.  It’s not mint.  It’s closer to a peridot green, the colour of creeping jenny or some cats’ eyes.  It’s a happy colour.  And my sister teases me for the name.  I didn’t make it up, really! 🙂


Moroccan Meatballs with Jewelled Couscous

Main, Sides | February 8, 2017 | By

This is just one of those recipes that is a joy to make up.  And a joy to serve.  And a joy to eat.  A real party on the table, and then a party in your mouth!  I mean, it starts with meatballs!!  And it ends with couscous.  This is fun to eat as a family, or a fabulous and festive contender for the next time you are having company over.


Go-To Spicy and Sticky Baby Back Ribs

Main | February 6, 2017 | By

Ribs are not for not for neat freaks, prissy, controlling, or napkin dabbing fussbudgets.  They are get down and dirty, use your hands, and be prepared to get hosed down afterwards kind of eating.

I didn’t really grow up eating BBQ’d ribs.  My parents were steak people.  Filet mignon or New York striploin all the way.  Or the occasional Ribeye.  And if it wasn’t steak, it was burgers.  Or the occasional sausage.  But I really don’t remember ribs on the grill all that much.  So it was always a treat to go out and order ribs at a restaurant.  The concept of grabbing at bones and gnawing away at them with some amazing fruit for the labour was just so rewarding.  


Retro Sloppy Joes with Honey Mustard Cole Slaw

Main, Sides | February 2, 2017 | By

When we came home from school the first words out of our mouths (after ‘Hi Mama’) were always, “What’s for dinner?”  Usually the surprise or anticipation of what Mama had planned for dinner was what kept me company on the walk home. Yes, I was food driven at an early age.


A (Really) Nice Lasagna

Main, Vegetarian | January 30, 2017 | By

As much as I have loved the recipes from Small Victories, I think I love Julia’s titles for each of them equally.  They are such a hoot.  Kinda Sorta Patates Bravas, Feel-Better-Soon Cookies, Indecision Grilled Chicken, Happy Wife Happy Life Chocolate Cake, and so on.  So naturally I was drawn to A Nice Lasagna.  Of course lasagna is nice, even awesome in the right hands, so I just had to find out what makes this lasagna ‘nicer’ than the rest.