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Hi Everyone!

Yep, we are nearing the end of March, and it looks like Spring may actually finding the Toronto area.  We’ve earned it!

While my team works tirelessly on the website updates (the unveiling is getting closer and closer, and I’m so excited!!) I am still using this quick ‘newsletter’ to let you know about the latest blog updates.

That fun and festive Curried Chicken Salad is there- perfect for Spring entertaining.

My most favourite French Canadian Tourtiere is up.  This was so much fun to make this time around- I really went nuts with a thyme and black pepper crust.  And there’s a great kick to the filling.  Not a bland meat pie in the slightest.

The Eccles Cakes from this month’s cookbook, Home Baked are now on the blog.  These totally reminded me of the time I spent in England.  And so much easier to make that I thought they would be.  Puff pastry and a filling slightly reminiscent of sweet mincemeat pie with all those fabulous spices come together in a great little pastry, perfect with coffee, or even on a cheese board.

And finally, the Citrus, Fennel and Thyme Pork Loin Roast is up.  This is a fabulous recipe for any day of the week, but fancy enough for company.  A juicy roast with a side of roasted parsnips and fennel- it’s just a dream.

Here’s hoping that April is a wonderful one for all of us.  

Thanks ever so much for following, and cooking along with me 🙂

Love Jen.


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