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Hi Peeps!  It’s April, and Spring has Sprung!  At least up here in Toronto.  It seemed like such a long time in coming.  By the end of Winter, we are just so ready for the next season, amiright?  So tired of wearing black and brown and grey, tights and coats.  The trees look especially naked those last weeks before the buds are beckoned forth by the sun.

But now the buds are ready to burst open, the daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths are pushing through and could open at the drop of a hat.  The sun has an extra warmth, and the days are gratefully longer and cheerier.  Even if we get a day of rain, we don’t mind.  I mean, April Showers Bring May Flowers, right? 🙂

It looks like we’re in the final weeks of the website overhaul.  The new platform should be up and running soon.  You guys have been so patient and understanding, during this crazy time.  I hope that you’ve had a chance to try some of the new recipes up on the blog.  But if you haven’t visited in a bit, you may not realize what is hanging out on the blog now.  

We’ve got a salad, the most amazing combination of sea asparagus, cress, avocado, pear and cucumber in a shallot champagne vinaigrette.  I’ve made it several times already, and still can’t get enough.

That über fun Almond Joy Coconut Cream Pie is there.  Really, coconut cream pie is already the best, but in a chocolate crust, with almonds in the filling and topped with more toasted almonds and coconut flakes and then finally drizzled with chocolate- we’ve reached a whole new level of yumms!

And then two veggie based meals. First, Crispy Panko crusted Potato, Kale and Bacon Cakes with an Umeboshi Aioli is perfect for snacks, appetizer, dinner, you name it.  If you add smoked salmon and a crisp white wine, they make the perfect brunch treat.  

And of course, a super easy, and yet super tasty ‘Cream’ of Celery Soup.  No cream, but plenty of green and flavour.  A dream of a soup to enjoy for a Meatless Monday dinner, or as a simple and yet elegant first course for a dinner party.

So, hope Spring is smiling on you wherever you are.  Unless of course you are in the Southern Hemisphere.  In which case, I hope you are cozy-ing up the house in prep for a crisp and colourful Autumn.

Love Jen.


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