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Hi Everyone,

Jen here!  Bout time I said Hi to you guys.  HI 😀

It’s Fri-yay!  And despite the bitter Winter cold that is forecast for Toronto this weekend, I’m in the mood for Spring cleaning ðŸ™‚ Yes, I’m one of those people!  There is something so cathartic about taking on a room, drawer by drawer, finding stuff you thought you had lost, and more importantly, stuff you don’t need anymore. Buh bye!  Obviously, if it was hidden at the back of the drawer, it wasn’t something you relied on, amirite?  So those are my domestic goals, starting this weekend.  As far as Jim is concerned, I’ve wrecked a weekend that hasn’t even started yet…

Just a quick note.  My blog is undergoing a overhaul.  A good one, that has been long overdue.  In this transition period, instead of putting bandaids on the existing one, I’m putting all the energy into the new and improved site.  What this means though, is that the recipes that I have been posting haven’t been hitting your inbox.  

You don’t really care about the glitches that have been identified.  Or all sorts of other techy stuff.

So, this is just to give you a head’s up that several fantastic recipes are up and ready for tasting!  That amazing Kedgeree- the curried rice and salmon dish is up.  And so are those great little Pistachio, Cocoa Nib and Quinoa Bliss Balls.  And just in case you missed it, the Roast Citrus, Ginger and Honey Chicken is there.  So you have plenty to nibble on over the weekend.

Drop me a line if you have any questions, or ideas for what you want to see me cook up next.  Any cravings out there?  Love all the feedback and input.

Have a fab weekend,

Love Jen


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