‘Cream’ of Celery Soup

Soup | April 13, 2017 | By

Don’t you find that celery gets a back row seat to all the other veggies?  At best, it shows up on crudite platters, and even then it is usually the last veggie chosen to be dipped.  But usually it is just an ingredient to show up in stock or as an aromatic flavour addition to soups and stews etc.


Potato, Kale and Bacon Cakes with Ume Shallot Aioli

Appetizer, Main | April 7, 2017 | By

The potato.  So mundane, humble and beige.  Except for purple potatoes.  Oh, and sweet potatoes.  So not always beige.  But still, a rather unassuming tuber.  And yet it is the backbone of many kitchens.


Citrus, Fennel and Thyme Roast Pork Loin

Main | March 24, 2017 | By

This is one of those wonderful recipes that has saved me from all sorts of last minute panics.  People coming for dinner and I can’t think of what to make: this pork roast more often than not, will be what I turn to.  There’s something about a roast that gives the impression that you laboured more than you really did (but that can be our little secret!).  Roasts just seem to mean company is coming.


French Canadian Tourtiere

Main | March 17, 2017 | By

It’s March here in Toronto.  Spring should be getting ready to make her grand entrance.  Instead, we have been dealing with blustery, frigid temps (fine, to me they’re frigid!) and even the threats of a good whack of snow.

How to combat all this miserable weather?  Stay inside and bake.  


Curried Chicken Salad

Main | March 13, 2017 | By

When I was younger, I thought chicken salad was such an elegant dish.  I think it was all the novels I devoured as a teenager.  Some Victorian lady of the manor was always having afternoon tea and somehow chicken salad was on the menu.  I thought it must have been terribly chi chi!! I could picture the silver stands of tea sandwiches which the butlers would wheel in on trays, while the characters chatted, or solved murders, in all those books!



Main, Vegetarian | March 9, 2017 | By

I always thought Kedgeree was a funny little name for a dish that I enjoyed when I was in England, way back in the 80’s.  It was a homey, curried rice dish with all sorts of bits and bobs, that the mom of the family I was staying with had put together one evening for dinner.  I loved it.  It had curry!


Roast Citrus, Ginger and Honey Chicken

Main | March 4, 2017 | By

What is it about a roast chicken that warms the hearts of so many of us?  There is something so iconic and comforting about a roast chicken.  Just knowing that a chicken is roasting away in the kitchen is already a soothing fact, for probably the entire family.  At least it was for me, even at the age of eight!  When I found out that we were having roast chicken for dinner, that knowledge kept me going from breakfast, through recess, math class, that geography test, and the walk home.


Mumbai Toastie

Main, Vegetarian | February 24, 2017 | By

Aren’t grilled cheese sandwiches just the best?! An indulgence, a life-saver, and comfort food all at the same time. When you are hungry and don’t know what to make (or don’t feel like really cooking) the grilled cheese sandwich always comes to the rescue.


Harissa Shrimp and Cauliflower ‘Grits’

Main | February 17, 2017 | By

One of our favourite road trips was a lovely meandering time from Charleston to Hilton Head to Savannah a few years back.  Oh what a glorious corner of the world!  Such old world charm, magical architecture of pastels and filigreed wrought iron, moody spanish moss dripping from the trees, cobble stoned lanes, and salt water kissed and weathered homes and buildings.  Truly a faded glory meets a candy store.  The people are gracious, friendly and laid back.  And the food!  Low Country cuisine is absolutely one of my favourites.


Alsatian Flammekueche

German Cuisine, Main | February 15, 2017 | By

Yes, pizza belongs to Italians.  They do a pretty good job of it (hehe!) Every corner of Italy contends that their pizza is the best.  And there are some pretty stellar rivalries.  Roman vs Neopolitan? Thick and chewy vs thin and crispy?  And when we move the contest over here to North America, it get’s even dicier.  NY vs Chicago? Thin and chewy vs a thick pie?  Every neighbourhood has it’s classic pizza that its lovers will defend to the death.

So to help break the tie and settle so many long fought battles, I present Flammekueche.  That’s right, German pizza.