Cress, Sea Asparagus and Cucumber Salad with Pear and Shallot Champagne Vinaigrette

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This is an unapologetic tribute to an amazing salad we enjoyed in February at a very special dinner party.

Toronto Life Magazine was co-hosting a ‘The Coolest Dinner Party Ever’ with Sonos, the home sound system company, at the home of Ken Hunt, publisher and gracious host, along with his wife.


Peperoni Gratinati al Forno (Red Pepper Gratin with Bread Crumbs)

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Using the Simply cookbook by Diana Henry this month has been a joy.  She has a wonderful collection of dishes that bring flavours together that we may not have thought of combining. Exotic, depth, fun, definitely a cookbook to keep your creativity fired up.


Moroccan Meatballs with Jewelled Couscous

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This is just one of those recipes that is a joy to make up.  And a joy to serve.  And a joy to eat.  A real party on the table, and then a party in your mouth!  I mean, it starts with meatballs!!  And it ends with couscous.  This is fun to eat as a family, or a fabulous and festive contender for the next time you are having company over.


Retro Sloppy Joes with Honey Mustard Cole Slaw

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When we came home from school the first words out of our mouths (after ‘Hi Mama’) were always, “What’s for dinner?”  Usually the surprise or anticipation of what Mama had planned for dinner was what kept me company on the walk home. Yes, I was food driven at an early age.


Citrus and Fennel Salad with Kiwi

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Seriously, the wind sounds ominous today!  The sky is dark despite the hour (10 am as I write this) and the snow is whipping around in a funnel here outside our balcony.  It’s January.  And it’s a real Winter day.  And thank goodness we have citrus!


Sausage Stuffed Roasted Apples

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This is one of those recipes that makes you raise an eyebrow.  Not consciously, it will just happen.  We love pork chops with apple sauce.  Apple cider braised ribs etc.  So it stands to reason that this should work.  But still…

The first time I came across this concept was when we were using the Buvette cookbook for the Instagram ‘Rainy Day Bites Cookbook Club’.  It has to be a few years now, that I’ve been making this with glee, because I was willing to try this unique recipe that first time.  It is simple, and yet quite special.


Mama’s Sauerbraten with Spätzle

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I can’t believe a whole year has gone by since I started this whole blog thing.  Boy time flies.  What started because a few friends had kindly asked for me to share recipes through the years, has turned into a full fledged job!  And while I started this as a way to share my musings regarding the various dishes that we’ve been eating here at home, or as a child growing up with German parents, it really also is a tribute to my mom.


Plummy Plum Butter

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This is a treat that totally reminds me of my mom.  Growing up, one of my favourite things to put on toast was ‘pflaumenmus’ or plum butter.  So thick and spreadable, a slight tartness mingled with the sweetness of the plums, with that rich, deep colour.  I was hooked!  Whenever we would go grocery shopping, six year old me would ask my mom if the store we were in is where we get the pflaumenmus (all my words in english, except for the key word!) “No”, she would reply, “we need to go to a special store for that.”  By special, she meant the German deli!


Peach and Little Gems Salad, with Grapes and Walnuts and a Blue Cheese Vinaigrette

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This salad was absolutely amazing.  On our whirlwind San Francisco trip, we ate well.  Pretty well every restaurant we visited gave me so much inspiration for what I wanted make at home.  In some cases I wanted to totally emulate the dishes we enjoyed.  This is one of them!

NOPA, a rustic and yet urban, farm to table institution in the Panhandle neighbourhood of the city had us totally mesmerized.  It has a bustling, modern flair with an energy and attention to detail that is stellar.  Priding itself on showcasing the hard work of local purveyors, it is a perfect example of California cuisine.  The menu changes constantly, depending on what is in season, so every visit will be a new adventure.


BLT Pasta Salad

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The Dog Days of Summer.  That brutally hot, hazy time between mid July and mid August.  Fine, the term may have come from when the ancients saw the Dog (Canus) constellation and Sirius (the dog star) appearing in the sky just before the sun rose.  Today we know these days as the hottest, laziest days of summer, when even dogs are dead tired.  And if dogs are too tired to cook, how are we expected to??