Cress, Sea Asparagus and Cucumber Salad with Pear and Shallot Champagne Vinaigrette

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This is an unapologetic tribute to an amazing salad we enjoyed in February at a very special dinner party.

Toronto Life Magazine was co-hosting a ‘The Coolest Dinner Party Ever’ with Sonos, the home sound system company, at the home of Ken Hunt, publisher and gracious host, along with his wife.



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I always thought Kedgeree was a funny little name for a dish that I enjoyed when I was in England, way back in the 80’s.  It was a homey, curried rice dish with all sorts of bits and bobs, that the mom of the family I was staying with had put together one evening for dinner.  I loved it.  It had curry!


Mumbai Toastie

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Aren’t grilled cheese sandwiches just the best?! An indulgence, a life-saver, and comfort food all at the same time. When you are hungry and don’t know what to make (or don’t feel like really cooking) the grilled cheese sandwich always comes to the rescue.


Broccoli and Feta Soup with White Beans and Parsley

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What’s your favourite colour?  Maroon? Magenta? Ochre? Mauve? Vermillion? Azure? Puce?

Mine has always been chartreuse.  That acidy green that sometimes looks olive, sometimes has a lemon-y hint to it.  It’s not pea-green.  It’s not mint.  It’s closer to a peridot green, the colour of creeping jenny or some cats’ eyes.  It’s a happy colour.  And my sister teases me for the name.  I didn’t make it up, really! 🙂


A (Really) Nice Lasagna

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As much as I have loved the recipes from Small Victories, I think I love Julia’s titles for each of them equally.  They are such a hoot.  Kinda Sorta Patates Bravas, Feel-Better-Soon Cookies, Indecision Grilled Chicken, Happy Wife Happy Life Chocolate Cake, and so on.  So naturally I was drawn to A Nice Lasagna.  Of course lasagna is nice, even awesome in the right hands, so I just had to find out what makes this lasagna ‘nicer’ than the rest.


Kimchi Fried Rice with Scallion Salad

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I can’t believe we’re almost finished the second half of January.  Boy time flies when you’re having fun.  And in this case, having fun refers to cooking out of this month’s cookbook, Small Victories by Julia Turshen.


Pasta with Kale, Lentils and Caramelized Onions

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It’s Winter.  We had a late start, but then it came with a vengeance. The temps had been bordering on unbearable (for us weak Torontonians)  The wind was whistling away for a few days in a row.    But this Monday seems to be pretty decent (until this evening when freezing rain is due!) The laundry has been started, so the cats will be in their happy place before long (sleeping in the fresh out of the dryer towels!)  


Pasta with Caramelized Onions and Yogurt Sauce

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This just sounded kinda weird to me when I was flipping through one of the (possibly too) MANY cookbooks in my kitchen.  We were using Genius Recipes from the gang at Food52 back in 2015.  This book is a compilation of genius tips, crazy recipe ideas and other foolproof, scary brilliant ideas to enhance the cooking and eating experience.  And every recipe I tried backed up the claims.  It even contains recipes that I was already using and loving for years because of their achievement in ease and taste.


Un Mac Cauliflower and Cheese

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We are constantly being told to eat healthier.  Lose the sugar.  Drop the carbs.  Avoid processed and packaged foods.  Eat more vegetables.  Have meatless days.  Throw gluten to the curb.  Eat raw.  Eat fermented.  A barrage of ‘suggestions’ that from some sources sound so militant that they make you feel like a complete loser and hater of the planet if you don’t abide by their wishes.


Green Risotto of Bamboo Rice and Sea Asparagus

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There is something so relaxing and in-the-moment about making risotto.  I’ve probably waxed poetically (or not poetically to the true poets out there) ad nauseam about how much I love making a risotto.  Standing there at the stove, stirring a pot, slowly helping the rice go from raw to a creamy pot of goodness.  Focus must remain on the pot, no multi-tasking with a good risotto.

This risotto is made extra special with the use of bamboo rice.  Have you guys tried bamboo rice yet?